NFT Djin Staking

Djin is a new blockchain-based NFT platform where users own and collect unique NFTs. DJN is an BEP20 Token that allows you to mint, and stake, your DJN inside an NFT (DJY). The DJY NFT is called a 'Djin' and for every Djin that is 'Summoned', or Minted, 2 DJN are burned. Each NFT Djin has a base APY of 2.5% with an additional random APY of 0-20%, max APY is 20%. The rewards can be claimed instantly and are accrued and payable every block. You can 'Banish', or Burn, each Djin you own to unstake and claim its tokens. Once the Djin is banished, it cannot be undone, it is forever burned. Each Djin is completely unique, utilizing 10 completely random colors. No two Djin will share the same traits or looks. Djin can be sent, received or traded on any ERC721 compatible marketplace. Whoever owns the Djin NFT can claim the rewards, so Djin can be collected to earn more DJN.

NFT Djin Staking

Stakeable NFT Djin's

Stakeable Djin's allow you to earn a variable APY on your DJN tokens. Simply Summon a Djin to hold the amount of tokens you desire, and earn a variable APY that pays every second.


Each Djin's color scheme and APY is based off their bloodline, ensuring each Djin is unique to their bloodline. Variable APY's range from base 2.5% to nearly 20% (Extremely rare).

Variable APY

All Djin are not created equal. Djin are ensured with a base staking rate of 2.5% (Variable based on community governance). Extremely rare Djin have higher APY than other Djin, some as high as 20%, creating a demand for the rarest Djin with the highest APY.



Djin-X (DJN) Is the stakeable ERC/BEP20 Token. You can use DJN to summon a Djin-Y (DJY NFT) that will give you a random, variable APY on your DJN. Djin-Y (DJY) are random colored, random APY NFT tokens. Each Djin-Y (DJY) that is summoned is based on a completely random color scheme.

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DJN Contract: 0x932cBB5cae6a03bE54AD85b8c7089744f2993cC2

DJY Contract: 0x21A63853837b763Da054Acc8346a839fDADc31BB


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DJN (ERC/BEP20 Token)


DJN is the primary ERC20 token. This interfaces with the DJY NFT contract to summon Djin. You can store your DJN inside a summoned DJY Djin. This is where you 'stake' or earn rewards. Each reward is calculated every second depending on the APY and size of the Djin NFT token. 2 DJN are burned per summon. Once you have a DJY token, you can send the Djin to friends or sell them on the open market.

DJY (ERC/BEP721 Token)


DJY is the Djin NFT Token. Each token corresponds to the TokenID on the Djin itself. Each Djin earns rewards that are claimable at any moment. Rewards are minted on the fly and sent to the owner of the token. Whomever owns the token can claim the rewards. Rewards stay with the token, so once you send a DJY token, the rewards go with the Djin if you have not claimed them.




Jared has been involed in the blockchain Space since 2013. He has worked on several projects over the years. He is currently the lead developer responsible for the overall development of the Djin Finance Ecosystem.

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  • 1,000,000 Total Supply
  • 2 DJN Burned per Djin Summon
  • Random Color Schemes
  • No Dev/Community Fees
  • 2.5% - 20% Variable APY
  • Staking Tiers (Only set during Summoning, once Djin is summoned, Staking Tier cannot be changed)
    1. 100-200 DJN 2%
    2. 200-300 DJN 3%
    3. 300-400 DJN 4%
    4. 400-500 DJN 5%
    5. 500-600 DJN 6%
    6. 600+ DJN 8.5%
  • Random chance for 0-11.5% for any number of DJN staked, base stake tier % is added to the random chance.